SA Systems operates self-service sales channels for the insurance and financial services industry


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Our self-service travel insurance machines


A direct UK market opportunity valued at £231 Million, our self–service travel insurance machine allows anyone travelling without insurance to purchase insurance in under 3 minutes.

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"SA Systems have enabled Gatwick Retail to extend our provision of care to our travellers with impressive levels of interaction."

Susan Almond, Business Development & Media, London Gatwick Airport


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Convenient, compact and high-tech.
Our machines are impressive revenue generators.

SA Systems offers airports a very impressive royalty on all sales from the machines. We are so confident our service works that we guarantee each machine produces a net return to the airport in excess of £1500 per sq foot.


A developing company

We also know that given time, increased awareness, service improvements and customer adoption the revenues generated will continue to rise.

We are working with partners to expand the range of services offered from the machines. Every avenue of increasing future revenues will be pursued.


“Because you always forget something - the kiosks offer a safety net to catch people at the absolute last minute by offering a simple way to arrange cover at the departure gate.”

Mintel report on the service, 2015


A valuable service


Our travel insurance solution is not just about revenue and income. 
We broaden traveller experience.

By offering customers easy and inclusive access to comprehensive insurance cover we provide a profitable solution that enables airports to extend their provision of care to travellers.


A substantial opportunity


Greater numbers of travelers than you may think travel without travel insurance



Of Britons go on holiday without travel insurance, equating to 14 million travellers every year.

Source FCO



Of Britons aged between 15 and 40 travel without cover.

Source FCO



Of Europeans go on holiday without travel insurance.

Source ABTA


Future developments

Consistent development, customer convenience and profit generation are our key tenets.

SA Systems is developing a number of self-service solutions that will extend the traditional sales channels for the insurance, finance, travel and healthcare industries. Our team are working hard to bring many more exciting products and services into airports.

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